Camping in the desert

How often have we said that next time we will do something different?

Choose the experience of suitable camping for you:

  • This camping is a family, couples or groups experience.
  • Camping as part of the vacation which combines a night in the desert and a night in a hotel.
  • Romantic night
  • Part of social integration
  • A family experience
  • Large and pampering tents
  • The desert sky and the stars always leave a wish for more.

Basic desert sleeping:

Sleeping on mattresses in sleeping bags.  

Sleeping in the desert in a pampering camp:

A pampering desert night, clean sheets, comfortable pillows, showers and toilets. A chef who will prepare the food cmprising anything you wish… All the comforts of home in nature.
קמפינג במכתש רמון
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