Ramon Crater – An in-depth jeep tour – About 4 hours

An in-depth tour provides you with a comprehensive and in-depth desert experience. We will start the same tour of the Machtesh itself, we will experience the prehistoric vistas, the creation of the Machtesh and life in the past as well as the present, and from there we will continue on to the Nekarot stream “the giant stream” to which Machtesh Ramon is drained and here we will try and meet the Ibexes, deer and the wild asses that roam along the stream, we will continue along the oil route to Mount Sarharonim and the magical view of the whole Machtesh vista, and then go down to the Saharonim Khan and the historic Nabatean fortress where we will have a short walking tour of the fortress and the nearby stream and will end with the route of the Ramon Deer Quarry Park which is being developed and portrays a particularly colorful vista.
This tour is suitable for all ages.

Our tour will start in the route of the two hour tour and we will leave the Machtesh in the direction of the Nakartot stream “the giant stream”, which drains the Machtesh Ramon and try to see the deer, or Ibex or wild asses in the stream’s bed, we will leave the stream in the direction of the oil route, along which the landscape changes sharply, to Mount Saharonim from which an amazing vista can be seen of the Machtesh. From there we will carefully go down into the Machtesh towards the Saharonim Khan and the Nabatean fortress, which was part of the ancient spice route and take a short walk in the area of the fortress to the nearby stream and from there travel in the direction of the Be’erot camping ground through excitingly beautiful colors.

Price: Up to 6 passengers –NIS 1,250

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