טיול ג'יפים לאורך דרך הבשמים ומכתש רמון

jeep tours mitzpe ramon | Jeep tours to the Ramon crater | Jeep tours to Machtesh Ramon | Jeep tours to Sde Boker and Zin Valley

Jeep tours to the Ramon crater, Jeep tours to Machtesh Ramon, Jeep tours to Sde Boker and Zin Valley

A vehicle is a means by which we will be able to cover a wide area in a fairly short time. We will be only too happy to take you to the exciting and beautiful places of the amazing Machtesh Ramon, the Zin Valley, Sde Boker and the Negev Heights – places which are inaccessible to an ordinary car. The guided tours and the vehicles driven are by drivers residents of the area with an in-depth knowledge of the area and considerable experience.

We offer a number of tours, you should choose the one suitable for you:

  • Our jeep tours are private tours
  • Our starting points are: The Beresheet Hotel, Ramon Inn Hotel, Ramon Suite Hotel and every Hostel or B&B in the Mitzpe Ramon area.
  • Should you arrive for a one day tour in our area or on your way to Eilat, the meeting point is: The parking lot of the Visitors Center or the Menta (Delek) Gasoline Station of Mitzpe Ramon
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