Jeep tour – sunset and desert night sky – about 4 hours

סיור שקיעה וכוכבים

The hours during the evening in desert have their own magic. The sunset and desert night sky tour invite you to end the day and start the night in the most magical place in Israel, together we will have an amazing tour in the Machtesh, starting at the bed of the Ramon stream, a view […]

A window to Machtesh Ramon in a jeep tour – two hours

טיולי ג'יפים במצפה רמון

Would you like to get the feeling of the Machtesh but time is short? This tour is exactly for you. A magical glimpse of two hours of the wonders of the Machtesh, we will see the unique rock formations of the Machtesh and learn how they were created, we will together go on a challenging […]

Jeep tour along the Spice Route and Machtesh Ramon

טיול ג'יפים לאורך דרך הבשמים ומכתש רמון

Minimum 4 hours tour Come and discover the magic world of the Machtesh, the desert people who controlled the world from the wonders of the Machtesh, ancient cultures that controlled the global economy, how did they survive and why did they disappear? Together we will visit the ancient fortresses and findings which have been frozen […]